Motor Home Insurance

Many of our residents in or around Wolcott, NY take advantage of owning motor homes. They give them the ability to afford longer vacations throughout New York and the New England area for family summer vacations or weekend getaways. When you purchase a motor home, the best protection you can get for it is to have motor home insurance from Casterlin Insurance Brokerage.

Property Coverage

With just a regular auto insurance policy on your motor home, you lack coverage for incidents that occur when your motor home has moved to its dwelling state. When parked in a campground, your motorhome could be the victim of a tragic accident where personal property is damaged or stolen. With your motor home insurance policy, you can replace these items in full.

Roadside Assistance

When traveling in your motor home, you are able to receive roadside assistance should it break down, and you need a tow to an available shop. Give your insurance carrier a call and aid will be on your way anywhere in the United States.

Flexible Coverage Time

If you plan to store your motor home for a significant part of the year, you have the option to carry the motor home insurance only when it is in use, making it flexible to fit your family's needs.

Full-Time Coverage

For the motorists who live in their motor home for six months or longer each year, this policy gives them a policy that will cover any damages to the appliances and structure of the motor home, just as a home insurance policy would for a brick and mortar home.

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